The Beginning

Hello, I am Chelsey, the other half of Crafting This Life.  I am new to the world of blogging and excited to share my experiences with you! I am married to a wonderful man and we have two beautiful girls, ages 5 and 2 (almost 3).  As Alyssa mentioned, we are country dwellers and our distance from town has inspired many of my crafty (or crazy) ideas. Alyssa and I met at a small group within our church about three years ago and have been friends ever since.  We worked together on a garden, even building the structure ourselves (that was a horrible, back-breaking day) and rushed to enjoy the “fruit” of our labor before the deer feasted on it in the fall.  We make a good team and are excited to see what this endeavor brings!

In my spare time (yeah, what is that again?) I enjoy sewing, reading, searching Pinterest and experimenting with new recipes. I also enjoy the challenge of making things from scratch, which was inherited from my father. Growing up I always heard him say “I could make one of those” and his homemade items graced our home, filled our lives with laughter (picture baby chicks on wheels) and occasionally made us roll our eyes. Well, I guess I have a great deal of his blood flowing through my veins because I cannot even tell you the number of times I have said to myself or to my family “I could make one of those”.  Now you will get to experience many of my successes and failures (yup, they do happen) whenever you tune in to our site.


My Family



Baby Steps

Well, here we are.  Six months of talking, planing and guessing, and two clicks of  bravery on the mouse, and a blog was created!

Chelsey and I have been passing around this idea to start blogging and showcasing our crafting.  Its a hobby that we would love to see expand.  We both read blogs in our limited spare time.

So, to do the obligatory introductions.  I’m Alyssa. I’m married, no kids, love to sew, crack sarcastic jokes, love movies, Downton Abbey (yep…) Doctor Who and other witty shows.  I love designing and creating, dreaming and crafting.

I’ll let Chelsey introduce herself more in her post, but she is a great friend, creates the cutest doll items for her girls, likes life in the country and is an all around sweet person.

So. Here we are! We are planning and busy writing, so if it takes us a little time to post, remember… we’re taking baby steps!