Excersizing in the tundra.

Ok.  That title might be a SLIGHT exaggeration.  Sometimes, it is not.

So I have taken up running when its’ nice out.  Which is exactly 2.453453 minutes of each year here. Here’s another piece of info.  I HAAAAAAAAAATE running.  I’m slow.  (because I dont run???) It hurts (because I dont run???) and I am sure I look like this:

Ouch.  Ok I kid.  THIS is me:


Ok so here’s how I combat those emotions, because sure I’d love to lose some weight, but more importantly for me is to be HEALTHY.  And running is very good for that- increase lung capacity, muscle usage, getting outside for fresh (or frozen) air. I use a couch-to-5k app on my cell phone.  It gives me weekly challenges to run 3xs per week, and increases it slow enough that I feel successful (instead of impossible standards). I have just used free ones that look good:C25K is a nice app.  It has a free and a pay one.  So far I haven’t needed to upgrade.  How it works: You pick your week/day you are on, and it verbally tells you to walk as a warm up, when to run and so on.  Very useful to me.  I also then blast the Pandora app to some energetic music and I find more success.  My goal is to run a 5k I have coming up in April (Fitger’s 5k) in 40 mins or less.  It is a good goal, but still one I definitely need to work at.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Here’s a few more funnies.  Because if we can’t laugh at ourselves, others will.

Ok.  I’m done.  That was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much fun to google.  (Running-someecards…. warning-some slip in there that are way naughty.


Me interupting our regular schedule!

**Sorry! My links won’t work… You’ll have to copy and paste until I fix the problem!!**

So I came across this while I was reading a blog I enjoy:

She had a posting about comparing oneself to celebrities. There’s another link within that posting to a Pinterest board called

*(it has lots of model photos-may not be safe for work/young kids because we know how “awesome” fashion shoots can be right?!)

I took a look at it. To be honest, I struggle with my image. I’ve had some ups and downs that have caused some weight gain. I’m cool with some of it, because now I don’t look like a preying mantis, but I know I need to try to get back to “healthy”. The point of this is- we are BOMBARDED with unrealistic pictures. Our young female (yes, even male) counterparts think this is normal. We want and should be glad of who we are and not care what our sizes are. Healthy? Absolutely. But healthy has a hundred different definitions. And I suspect Hollywood hasn’t really a clue on that.

Thanks folks! Enjoy who YOU are.