Good morning! Tutu tutorial!!

Hello! I feel like I dropped off the face of the blogging world! Can we say how fast the end of the school year is coming?! Yikes!! But it’s good too… and theres so much to do between then and now… but it’ll get all done! (Because it has to! ha)

Ok, so I have a tutorial for you that is overdue! I made it in March, for a birthday gift, but it also looked very St. Patty’s day, so I decided to wait.

So I made The Very Adorable Three Year Old (friend’s daughter) a Tinkerbell skirt.  We LOVE tinkerbell. Very Adorable Three Year Old is VERY skinny– so my measurements are based on that– measure your own Adorable accordingly.


2 Yards of dk. green tulle

2 Yards of lt green tulle

2-3 Spools of glitter tulle (found at hobby lobby– add or subtract this as you choose.)

1 package of elastic. (there are approx. 2334234 options for this- i’ll point mine out in the following photos.) I used green stretchy stuff that had holes woven into it.

1 crochet hook, about j-k size or whatever you have

1 sewing maching and/or hand needles

OPTIONAL: Green stretch sequin belt, tinkerbell stickers,

Here are what the supplies I used look like, all found at Hobby Lobby, and b/c of sales and coupons, I got lots of glittery ones, so that whole pile cost about $25, half of what it could have been!!




Cut out your tulle.  Here’s where i goofed– i cut mine too long and narrow.  You want it about 5″ wide, and 1/2 the length of your Adorable’s measurements from waist to foot. 

Using a rotary cutter is the nicest, but a sharp scissor does the job too. Then cut your elastic to the needed waist measurement of your Adorable, PLUS 1 inch on each side.  Sew together right away.



STEP TWO: I used about three pieces of tulle per loop– but you might just use one or two since I had too many skinny ones, but either way, you fold the tulle in half, and put the hook end of your crochet hook in the looped end.  Pull all of it through the bottom loop of the waistband, OR if you are using plain elastic, (no hook) make a slip knot around the elastic, starting at the middle of the elastic. All loops should look similar to this:


Because I used two different colors, I alternated between the two.  I did all the dark green first, then light.  If you are just using elastic, do them as you want right away- light/dark/light/dark etc etc.

Continue doing this til you get it all the way around the circle.


Some more photos of the first layer:



STEP 3: Since I used this loopy stretchy stuff, I did a top layer w/ the glitter.  Which took 3 weeks to vacuum it all up.  Just warning you! Same looping, same idea, just MESSY.


So that’s the bare bones.  Then I hand sewed some sequin trim around the top, and a few tulle bows, to jazz it up.  You can literally add anything you want.  I used extra elastic to make a headband with a giant glitter tulle bow on it, which of course I forgot to get a photo.  But the Very Adorable Three Year Old LOVEEEEEEEEEEEES it, so I was glad!!

Options– yellow for Belle, blue and white for Cinderella, blue or pink for aurora, it’s really endless.  It can be any color tulle you can find.  I bought Tink stickers to make sure she realized what it was since she is only three.

So my very basic tutorial….Let me know if I missed any directions- I’ll gladly answer them!!

Happy tutu making!!!!




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