Pinterest Tuesday: The Pinterest Blues


Just a warning, today isn’t a warm and fuzzy post.

Today is supposed to be Pinterest Tuesday, but I’m not feeling very Pinterest-y. In fact, today, Pinterest did not inspire me, make me want to do great things, or even feel warm and fuzzy. Today, Pinterest made me feel sad. Why, might you ask? Well, I was scrolling through the Pinterest pages and came across a pin with a young mom on the front, standing in front of a gorgeous house. The caption read “love her decorating tips” or something along those lines, so I thought I’d give it a click. Bad decision.  Now, I know this woman’s house was staged for the photo shoot, but wow, I mean, wow.  It was gorgeous! She really was an amazing decorator, not to mention a mom with small children.  With each picture I scrolled through, a deeper sense of “you totally stink” punched me in the stomach. When I was done, I just sat in stunned silence.  Then I looked around my own very plain, disaster-stricken home. My kitchen chairs are not lovely, they are falling apart.  My countertops are NEVER cleared off. Thank goodness my couches have covers; they are usually covered in crumbs, snot, dog hair and spilled juice.  There are rips and tears in my sheet rock  from where children have pulled items off of the walls which were held there by those picture hanging strips. In fact, I even have gunk in the peak of my cathedral ceiling that looks like food. How? And how do I even clean it?  The finish on my 9-year-old cupboards is starting to do something weird, and my stairs look horrible-most of the finish on them is gone and one is warped.  My house, even on its best day, will never look like hers. Ever. And it made me feel sad. I feel bad about complaining-I live in a beautiful area and my husband I have had the great opportunity to build our own home. We have land, and a gorgeous view of one of the Great Lakes. See that picture at the top of our blog? I took that standing next to my dining room table.  I DO have so much to be thankful for, but even so, I am human, and some days I get caught up in focusing on what I don’t have, instead of being thankful for the things I do have.

I just finished a really good book by Jill Savage called No More Perfect Moms.


Picture courtesy of

It was freeing for me-it addressed the issue of the “perfection infection” within our culture, especially among moms, in the areas of ourselves, our kids, our husbands, our homes, and our walk with God. It addressed this very issue of feeling like you “never measure up”. I learned so much from her honest, God-centered words, although obviously I still have some hurdles to jump before I completely rid my life of the “perfection infection”.  If you ever feel the way I do, take a moment to check out her book or her blog. She is a real mom with real problems and she relies on her very real God.

So, maybe next week I will find a fun project on Pinterest that I feel like sharing with all of you! But today, I think I am going to boycott Pinterest. Especially the home decor section. I just don’t need that kind of pressure!

What about you? Do you ever feel this way?



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