Technology and spring time!

Hello! Happy Monday!
Technology is amazing. My work computer tanked last week. ( blue screen of death etc ) so I’m trying to figure out how to post today! I’m using my phone. How crazy is this?! Amazing!

Because of this though, I haven’t figured out how to upload pictures.

So my next topic is springtime!! It’s the end of February, which means here we have like 8 more months of winter. But I dream of green and gardening!! Pinterest has lots of interesting gardening ideas. I’d show you my favorites but see my note about pics currently. Ill try to update later. My favorite ones are where they teach you plants that are friends. Sounds silly, but it helps them grow. I’ve seen unfriendly plants and they try to kill each other off. Gardening isn’t for the weak hearted. 🙂

One year chelsey and I enlarged her garden bed. We used old railroad logs and spikes to hammer. It was very very hard work. It didn’t look very good, but it worked. We did ok produce wise, but it was very hot and dry, so that never helps. This year hopefully we will do more research and plan ahead. We will keep you updated!!!

So tell me- do you garden? If yes, what’s your successes, what have you learned???



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