Snow Day!

Well, here in the northland we got a ton of snow again! Well, eight inches or so.  Surprisingly we have had school canceled again! Nice right?

So what does a teacher do on a snow day? Nothing.


You think I’m joking.

Ok, so I have a movie playing, I’m cutting fabric for some sewing projects, I am still in my jammies though. I have dishes and laundry to do.


But I’ve also been thinking over and over again about the sermon our pastor gave at church yesterday.  I get very distracted at church, so I know I need to go back and re-listen, but the gist of it was that we always want to praise God for our blessings.  Not that it’s wrong to do so- at all!! But, that we grab the wheel and only call for help when there’s a flat tire or engine failure.  He used an illustration about Jesus after he was baptized by his cousin, John. After that whole scene, the Spirit sent Jesus out into the wilderness where he was tempted for 40 days. He didn’t seem to want to go.  (based of the translation of some of the original language) He asked God to change his plan in several different stories.  BUT he still went.  He obeyed. Even though he was alone and tempted and had all the human emotions we have.

He obeyed.  He obeyed even though he knew he was entering a desert with killer animals, hunger and the devil. Fun right?

We sometimes know when we are about to walk into something scary and challenging.  We sure try to convince God we don’t need the lessons hardships teach us.  We are soooooo smart like that right?? But we also need to remember to praise and be blessed in the midst of the desert.  We may not get to detour the desert.  But look at the blessings that can come if we fully trust in God.

This is HARD. Life is hard, money is tight, families fight, we get ill, etc…etc…etc…etc…

The point? God is Good, and wants to see us grow. Even in the hard times. So remember that as we all sometimes get brought to the desert.  And that God should be praised.  No matter how hot the desert is.




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