Taylor Turns 3!

Three years ago today, February 7, 2010, Taylor made her way into the world.  She was born the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, a week earlier than her scheduled C-Section day. Her whole birth story is great-it involves me waking up and realizing my water had broken at 12 am; frantic phone calls to Josh’s parents, who were not answering their phone; a call to 911 to report a drunk driver;  and me looking at my stomach while walking into the hospital and wondering, “is the baby still in there?” Birth does weird things to a person’s brain, apparently! We watched the Super Bowl that night after having only two hours of sleep, and I remember Taylor crying through pretty much the whole thing. I cannot, however, tell you who played, who won, or what commercials were shown.

17362_10100156084841660_6053055_nSweet, sweet Taylor.

17362_10100156084836670_4321650_n Emily holding Taylor for the first time.


Um, yeah. Car seats are not made for preemie-sized newborns!

Come back tomorrow to hear more about Taylor’s big day!



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