Off to the Ball!

It seems almost every young girl longs to be a princess. They love the dresses, the shoes, the atmosphere of magical perfection that seems to accompany the life of a princess. In our area girls everywhere, both young and old(er), have the opportunity to be a princess for one night. And the handsome prince who accompanies them is none other than their own father! The Father Daughter Ball attracts hundreds of dads and daughters in our area-so many that several different venues have set up their own events, and tickets for multiple nights sell out quickly. It is a great way for dads and daughters to make memories together!

Last year my husband took our oldest daughter, Emily, who was four at the time. She enjoyed herself; although she didn’t want to take off her jacket!  This year, he took both of our daughters; Emily, now five, and Taylor, who is two. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall; watching their precious night! But, since I couldn’t be there, I decided to contribute to the fun the best way I know how-by making the girls’ dresses!

My daughter originally asked me for this dress before Christmas from the American Girl catalog priced at a whopping $68.00!!!

American Girl (2)

Picture courtesy of

Since I wasn’t about to spend that much on a dress, I decided to make a similar one. I purchased a pattern from Hancock Fabric, some pretty purple fabric, all of which totaled about $35.00, and went to work. Emily’s dress was finished before Christmas, so she was able to wear it to her school program, and Christmas day. I didn’t get to Taylor’s until after Christmas-oh well.

And here is the proud dad and excited daughters before they departed! They had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go again next year!






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