Craftiness… Or…the lack-there-of.

So this last two weeks I have been trying to make this:

I love! It’s a free website that has tons of knitting and crocheting patterns. Lots are free, some cost, all are so cool! You just have to sign up (like most websites) but the best part is that you don’t get emails! I’ve spent hours browsing.

So it didn’t work out. It was NOT the pattern. It was me. I am not as good as crocheting as I like to imagine. So I decided to try another pattern. This one, but in a larger size :

Cute right?! It’s clearly me. This is what my hat looks like right now:

So…I am breaking what might be a cardinal rule in needlework… I’m starting at the brim and working my way in. I’ll let you know how it looks next week. Wish me luck!!


*This post was not sponsored by Ravelry. I just love the website and enjoy them! All opinions are my own!


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