Pinterest Tuesday: Clean Microwave!



EEWWW…my food goes in there?

I have a confession to make. I am a terrible “cleaner”. I don’t think I have a neat bone in my body. I can be organized when I have to be; I was very organized in my college years, especially during student teaching, and I am pretty organized at work, thanks to my ultra-organized mother-in-law (she’s my boss!) However, when it comes to my home, not so much.  And I know that organization and cleaning are two separate things, but, I am bad at both. I have a whole board on Pinterest called DIY Cleaning, and today I am going to demonstrate one of the pins I tried:

How to Clean Your Microwave

I’ll show you how I did it; prepare to be amazed!

Step 1: Examine your gross, disgusting microwave


Step 2: Fill a microwave safe bowl with water, add a splash of vinegar (I used a really BIG splash) and microwave until the water boils. I let mine boil for a few minutes, just to be safe. Then, wearing hot pads remove the bowl and using a cloth or paper towel, wipe down your microwave. The gunk should be pretty easy to clean-if some is still stuck on, use a little elbow grease, or, I found that the longer I microwaved the water and vinegar mixture, the easier it was to wipe off all my “crud”.


Step 3: Admire your handiwork! And never microwave anything ever again. Just kidding, although I now use a cover to keep the really messy food from flying all around. See that nice little burn mark on the top of my microwave? Should I be worried about that? Hmm…


Now, if I did this once a week, or once a month, I would always have a nice, clean microwave. Try it and see how it works for you!



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