Me interupting our regular schedule!

**Sorry! My links won’t work… You’ll have to copy and paste until I fix the problem!!**

So I came across this while I was reading a blog I enjoy:

She had a posting about comparing oneself to celebrities. There’s another link within that posting to a Pinterest board called

*(it has lots of model photos-may not be safe for work/young kids because we know how “awesome” fashion shoots can be right?!)

I took a look at it. To be honest, I struggle with my image. I’ve had some ups and downs that have caused some weight gain. I’m cool with some of it, because now I don’t look like a preying mantis, but I know I need to try to get back to “healthy”. The point of this is- we are BOMBARDED with unrealistic pictures. Our young female (yes, even male) counterparts think this is normal. We want and should be glad of who we are and not care what our sizes are. Healthy? Absolutely. But healthy has a hundred different definitions. And I suspect Hollywood hasn’t really a clue on that.

Thanks folks! Enjoy who YOU are.


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